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I am still in shock and find it hard to believe that Scott Weiland, the former lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver is really gone. He was one of the most gifted singer/songwriters of the last 20 plus years and now he is gone. So as a tribute to Scott Weiland, I am dedicating this week’s Single Of The Week to him as I cover my favorite song. The song I chose to use for this week is Interstate Love Song which was off of the band’s second album Purple. I can still remember where I was when I first heard the song and it was at a Christmas party at my cousins house. He put the record on and when the opening riff came on, I was immediately curious, but when the rock guitars blast off, I was instantly hooked. Scott Weiland once admitted that the theme of the song’s lyrics dealt with, “honesty, lack of honesty, my new relationship with heroin.” He said he had lied to his girlfriend about using heroin and imagined that the lyrics were what, “I imagined what was going through her mind when I wrote, ‘Waiting on a Sunday afternoon for what I read between the lines, your lies, feelin’ like a hand in rusted shame, so do you laugh or does it cry? Reply?” This is honestly my favorite Stone Temple Pilots song no matter what the lyrics were about. Check out it below and R.I.P. Scott Weiland (1967-2015)

John BonhamOn September 25, 1980, the rock world lost John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, who was arguably the greatest rock drummer to have ever lived. During his time in Led Zeppelin, Bonham had appeared on all nine Zeppelin albums which include the great Led Zeppelin 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as other classics such as Houses Of The Holy, Physical Graffiti, and so much more. The man was known for his hard hitting style as well as his feel for the groove which influenced so many rock drummers all over the world. John Bonham was the reason a lot of kids wanted to become a rock drummer back in the day and he still should be influencing people. Unfortunately, on this day in 1980, he would be found dead in Jimmy Page’s house by John Paul Jones and Benji LeFevre, who was Zeppelin’s tour manager. According to a report, in a 24 hour period he consumed, “40 shots (1–1.4 litres) of 40% ABV vodka.” Nevertheless, the man left a legacy in his work and if you want to hear some of his hard hitting smash sound, check out the tracks Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin III), When The Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin IV), Kashmir (Physical Graffiti), The Ocean (Houses Of The Holy), and Achilles Last Stand (Presence). He also appeared on other songs from all sorts of different artists like Lulu (Everybody Clap), Screaming Lord Sutch (Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends), Jimmy Stevens (Don’t Freak Me Out), and more.

Bonhams-630x420In a recent interview with Train Singer Pat Monahan’s podcast, Jason Bonham reflected on the day he was told his father passed away, “I was 14, he was 32. It was like, wham! — I remember not knowing really what the hell was going on. When you don’t know anything about death, and no one close to you has died […] I can play that day back perfectly clear in my head. I went to the back door — knock on the back door. There was Robert Plant and Maureen were there, which was strange, because they were supposed to be at rehearsals. I’m in my school uniform. He says, ‘Is your mom here?’ And I went, ‘Yeah, hold on.’ ‘Robert’s here? What’s he doing here? Where’s your dad?’ […] I remember seeing family arrive out of the corner of my eye and getting upset, and I didn’t know why I was upset, but I knew something was up. My mom came in and said ‘Your father’s passed away.’ I remember going, ‘Oh, okay. Am I still going to school tomorrow?’ You’re just — life goes on.” I am going to share with you, two of my favorite Zeppelin songs below with one being Bonzo’s legendary drum solo Moby Dick and the second being my favorite Zeppelin song Immigrant Song. Long Live the legacy and legend of John Bonham.

rowdy-roddy-piper-i-change-the-questionsWhether you a wrestling fan or not, yesterday the world lost a true icon of the sports entertainment field when Roderick George Toombs a.k.a Rowdy Roddy Piper at the age of 61 due to cardiac arrest. Rowdy Roddy Piper best known as Hot Rod as well was an innovator in the field of wrestling playing what I always believed as the perfect heel (bad guy) in what was known as the WWF at the time (WWE now). One of the most iconic moments that I can remember was the time he cracked a coconut over the head of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka during a segment of Piper’s Pit. I also remember the time he sprayed talk show big mouth Morton Downey Jr. with a fire extinguisher at WrestleMania V. Hot Rod also had the balls to get into the face of big time actor Mr. T on more than one occasion for the first two WrestleManias. There was a saying the sports entertainment world that if it wasn’t the for The Four Horseman, there would have been no NWO or no DX, but it if it wasn’t for Hot Rod and his Piper’s Pit, there would definitely be no Highlight Reel, Barbershop, and any other talk segment in the WWE period. He was politically incorrect and unapologetic which made him a true bad ass. One of the other things I enjoyed about Hot Rod was some of the movies that he starred in like the iconic John Carpenter film They Live where Roddy battled aliens disguised as humans or the film Body Slam where he played a wrestler named Quick Rick Roberts. It was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid growing up a wrestling fan. I will forever miss Rowdy Roddy Piper, a man that provided so many amazing memories for me in my childhood when all I had was wrestling. R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy Piper 1954-2015


randyOn March 3RD, UDR Music is going to be releasing a brand new tribute record that will honor one of metal’s greatest guitarists in Randy Rhoads. The name of the disc is Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute and it features tons of today’s metal acts like Tim “Ripper” Owens, Brad Gillis, George Lynch, Kelle Rhoads, Rudy Sarzo, Vinny Appice, Doug Aldrich, Jon Donais, Dweezil Zappa, Gus G, Tom Morello, Frankie Banali, Serj Tankian, and so many more paying tribute to the Guitar God. The track I have for you guys today from the album for the cover of the week is Chuck Billy, Alexi Laiho, Vinny Appice, Rudy Sarzo, and Kelle Rhoads (on Keyboards) playing Mr. Crowley from the Blizzard Of Ozz record. I have to say that one of the things you are going to be pleased with is the playing on this track from the band. These guys play the track almost flawlessly including Alexi who had the hard task of doing a Randy Rhoads guitar solo and he did a terrific job. Chuck Billy sings the song in his way which is a relief because Billy does a great job and who wants to hear someone sound like Ozzy. There is only one Ozzy in the metal world. This track alone has me excited to hear the rest of the record and I would love to know what other songs they cover on the disc. Check out the track below and go to for more information.

We are celebrating Dimebag Darrell Week here on Moshpits and Movies because it is the ten year anniversary of the tragic death of one of metal’s greatest guitar players in Dimebag Darrell Abbott. Dimebag did a lot of colaborations back in the day and he performed with various artists besides the ones we know in Pantera, Damageplan, and Rebel Meets Rebel. He also did some covers with other artists for tribute albums and the song I chose was a cover of Believer he did with Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row) for a Randy Rhoads tribute record. The song also features Kane Roberts (ex-Alice Cooper) on Rhythm Guitar, Mike Brignardello (Giant) on bass, and Michael Cartellone (ex-Damn Yankees) on Drums for this kick ass cover of the week track. Dimebag and company sound absolutely awesome on the track as does Sebastian Bach with the vocals. This is as good as it gets when it comes to covers and the solo by Dime is absolutely nuts in how close to the original it is with a Dime twist to it. Check it out below and remember Dimebag Forever!!!

We are going to start our tribute to Dime a little early because once Dimebag Darrell Week commences, every post will feature a track with Dimebag in it. Five Finger Death Punch is one of those bands that I feel quickly rose to fame out of nowhere. One thing is definitely for sure with this band and it’s that they’ve earned it through hard work, perseverance, and they’ve never given up. One of the other cool elements about this band is when they cover a song, they seem to reinvent the track to make it their own (e.g. Bad Company, House Of The Rising Sun, etc.). I chose their cover of A New Level by Pantera because Dimebag had a huge impact on this band as well as many others in the metal community. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory spoke to Loudwire and said this about the first time he saw Pantera live, “I just could not believe what I was looking at. It literally changed the reaction for me cause I had never seen anything like it — the power of the show and the grooves and how the whole band was operating was insane and Dime in particularly. This guy is just jumping off of some speaker and in mid-flight he changes a guitar pick up.” The song was featured on a tribute album called Getcha Pull and it’s definitely one to check out. So enjoy, horns up, and remember Dimebag Forever.

cliff-burton-slideSeptember 27, 1986 is an infamous day that no true metal fan will ever forget if you were alive during that time period. I was too young to remember the events, but my brothers always told me how scary of a day that was for the metal faithful. The metal world was literally lost when a tour bus carrying thrash titans Metallica lost control in Sweden and tipped over crushing Cliff Burton to death. I had heard that fans at the time had feared that this was the end of their favorite band Metallica. Even Metallica had no idea what they were going to do, they had lost an integral member of the band, a man that according to Kirk Hammett in an interview with Guitar World Magazine had come up with a lot of the famous rhythm sections in some of your favorite early Metallica songs. But you already know the history of the band from that point on. Apparently, the night before after the band had played a gig in support of their biggest album Master Of Puppets, Cliff and Kirk had drawn cards to see who would have the ultimate choice of which bunk to sleep in and Cliff drew the ace of spades guaranteeing him first choice. In the VH1 Behind The Music episode on Metallica, Kirk recalls saying, “I said fine, take my bunk. I’ll sleep up front; it’s probably better anyway.” When the bus started to slip on the road due to what the driver called black ice on the road, Cliff was launched from his top bunk and out the window when the bus tipped over on the side of the road and it landed on top of him. They tried to rescue him by lifting the bus with a crane, but the bus fell on top of him for a second time which ultimately killed the bassist. There is a lot of speculation going around as to whether or not he was dead the first time it fell or not, but all we know is that Metallica was never the same. Various bands showed their respect to Cliff in various ways whether it was Dave Mustaine who wrote In My Darkest Hour as a tribute to him or Anthrax dedicating their best album Among The Living in his honor. Cliff Burton will never be forgetton because his legend lives on through his music!!! R.I.P. Cliff Burton 1962-1986