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ccgf_CDArtwork--3It has been quite some time since we last did a single of the week and I have brought it back with a bang. Who is Waylon Reavis? He is a name that all metal heads all across the world are very familiar with because in 2004 he picked up the ball in Mushroomhead and ran with it in a very successful manor. With Mushroomhead, he was apart of some landmark releases like Savior Sorrow or a personal favorite in The Righteous & The Butterfly which was subsequently his last album with the outfit. Now Waylon has a new band in A Killer’s Confession whose debut album Unbroken is available digitally right now with the physical release this upcoming Friday (May 12TH). The album is being described by some as being “equal parts beauty and tragedy and takes the listener on a journey to the edge of insanity and back.” Whatever the case may be the band’s first single A Killer’s Confession is a symphony of brutality that should leave metal heads everywhere desiring more and more of it. The track is definitely equal parts beauty and brutality as it balances the two elements very smoothly throughout the whole entire track.

a killer's confessionThe album was produced by Waylon Reavis while the track above was co-produced with Thom Hazaert with Richard Easterling (American Head Charge, Doll Skin, Emperors and Elephants) engineering and mixing the album as well. Reavis is joined on the album by fellow band members Jon Dale (drums), JP Cross (bass), Matt Trumpy (guitar), and Paul Elliott (guitar) and the band is signed to EMP Label Group which is a label that is owned by Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. When asked about his feelings and thoughts on the band and record, Waylon commented saying, “I am so proud of this project, and being able to come back with an absolutely KILLER record, with KILLER musicians. Anyone who has been a fan of anything I have done previously, is absolutely going to be floored by AKC.” When it came to signing with EMP Reavis stated, “I am so thankful to Thom and David for believing in me and getting behind this project the way they have.  I have been watching everything they’ve done the last year, and I am so proud and excited to be part of the EMP family.” As I stated above, the album will be released this Friday and be sure to check the band out when they hit the road with Nonpoint at the end of the month. Check out the video below and check out the tour dates below that as well:


With Nonpoint

05-30-17 in Lancaster, PA at The Chameleon

05-31-17 in Easton, PA at One Centre Square

06-01-17 in Hampton Beach, NH at Wally’s

06-02-17 in Providence, RI at Fete Ballroom

06-03-17 in Portland, ME at Port City Music Hall

06-04-17 in Syracuse, NY at Lost Horizon

06-05-17 in Rochester, NY at Montage Music Hall

06-07-17 in Fort Wayne, IN at Rusty Spur

06-08-17 in Indianapolis, IN at Birdy’s Live

06-09-17 in Columbus, OH at Alrosa Villa

06-10-17 in Toledo, OH at Toledo Music Festival

87th Oscars.jpgTonight is the 87TH Academy Awards and it wouldn’t be the Academy Awards without some snubs and other controversies thrown in the mix. American Sniper is up for best picture, but Clint Eastwood did not get a nod for best director. Furthermore, The Lego Movie has a song that is up for best original song for Everything Is Awesome, best the film is not up for Best Animated Film. Overall, Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel received the most nominations with nine while The Imitation Game received eight. It’ll definitely be interesting to see if there are any controversial picks or actors you believe are going to win that continued to get snubbed like Leonardo DiCaprio. Below I am going to list the categories that I feel are the more important ones of the night and the only ones I will be predicting. The film that I believe will win will be highlighted in Red. So, let’s make some predictions and have some fun.

Best Picture

1. American Sniper

2. Birdman

3. Boyhood

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

5. The Imitation Game

6. Selma

7. The Theory Of Everything

8. Whiplash

Best Director

1. Wes Anderson- The Grand Budapest Hotel

2. Richard Linklater- Boyhood

3. Alejandro González Iñárritu- Birdman

4. Bennett Miller- Foxcatcher

5. Morten Tyldum- The Imitation Game

Best Actor

1. Steve Carell- Foxcatcher

2. Bradley Cooper- American Sniper

3. Benedict Cumberpatch- The Imitation Game

4. Michael Keaton- Birdman

5. Eddie Redmayne- The Theory Of Everything

Best Supporting Actor

1. Robert Duvall- The Judge

2. Ethan Hawke- Boyhood

3. Edward Norton- Birdman

4. J.K. Simmons- Whiplash

5. Mark Ruffalo- Foxcatcher

Best Actress

1. Marion Cotillard- Two Days, One Night

2. Julianne Moore- Still Alice

3. Felicity Jones- The Theory Of Everything

4. Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl

5. Reese Witherspoon- Wild

Best Supporting Actress

1. Patricia Arquette- Boyhood

2. Laura Dern- Wild

3. Keira Knightley- The Imitation Game

4. Emma Stone- Birdman

5. Meryl Streep- Into The Woods

Best Original Screenplay

1. Birdman

2. Boyhood

3. Foxcatcher

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel

5. Nightcrawler

Best Adapted Screenplay

1. The Imitation Game

2. The Theory Of Everything

3. Whiplash

4. American Sniper

5. Inherent Vice

Best Animated Feature

1. Big Hero 6

2. The Boxtrolls

3. How To Train Your Dragon 2

4. Song Of The Sea

5. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Best Foreign Film

1. Ida

2. Leviathan

3. Tangerines

4. Timbuktu

5. Wild Tales

Best Original Song

1. Everything Is Awesome from The Lego Movie

2. Glory from Selma

3. Grateful from Beyond The Lights

4. I’m Not Gonna Miss You from Glenn Campbell: I’ll Be Me

5. Lost Stars from Begin Again

Best Cinematography

1. Birdman

2. Ida

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

4. Mr. Turner

5. Unbroken

Best Visual Effects

1. Captain America: Winter Soldier

2. Guardians Of The Galaxy

3. Interstellar

4. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

5. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

frankSome of you may be saying TGIF for the fact that the weekend is officially here, but I am saying it because to me and this blog it’s Filmfest Fridays which once again means we explore another independent or foreign film. This week’s film is a little bit of both because it’s an independent film, but it’s also a foreign film (UK-Irish Comedy). The film is called Frank and it stars Domhnall Gleeson (Unbroken) as Jon, a young and aspiring musician who desperately wants to write music and become famous. Along the way, he will hook up with an eccentric rock band led by a man named Frank (Michael Fassbender) who wears a mask all day. There is one problem with the situation, all of the other band members want him to leave, but Frank believes in him and so he wants to prove to everyone that he can do it, but he may have bitten more than he can chew. The film also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal (The Dark Knight) as Clara, Scoot McNairy (Killing Them Softly) as Don, François Civil (As Above So Below) as Baraque, Carla Azar (Sucker Punch) as Nana, Mark Huberman (Noble) as Management Guru, and the film was directed by Lenny Abrahamson (What Richard Did).

frank 2This was an absolute awesome film that is just pure madness from beginning to end. It’s also kind of a coming of age flick, but in the sense that Domhnall Gleeson’s character finally realizes by the end of the film that the band will only drive you to pure madness until you submit. The band has a history of losing keyboard players with one hanging himself and the second tried to drown himself. One of the astonishing things about this film is that the entire soundtrack is almost entirely sung by either Gyllenhaal, Fassbender, or Gleeson which is awesome. Michael Fassbender puts on one heck of a performance in this film as that strange and allusive Frank which during the whole film you want to know what he looks like under the mask. The film is also a coming of age for Frank who has to eventually learn to step outside of the mask like breaking out of his shell. It’s an amazing film with everyone doing an amazing job in the acting department. The real MVP of this film is the screenwriters in Jon Ronson and Peter Straughan who wrote this ComDram (Comedy/Drama) or Dramedy (if you like). This film should have won awards if it hasn’t already done so because I enjoyed every aspect of it and it was cool to see them travel to SXSW (South By Southwest) in Austin, TX which is a dream destination of mine. Check out the film on Netflix where it is streaming and I am going to give the film an A for a final grade.


unbrokenThis is another new segment that we are going to be doing for this blog called Based On A Truesday Story which is a play on the words Tuesday and True. I’ll review a film every week that is based on a true story and this week we have an incredible one.  Unbroken is the story of Olympian Louie Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) and the heroic tale he has to tell of overcoming the odds to survive.  Louie and some soldiers become stranded in the middle of the pacific when some of the engines on their plane begin to fail and it crashes. Louie and two other men are on a raft for 47 days before they are discovered and held prisoner by the Japanese during World War II.  The film also stars Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part II) as Phil, Garrett Hedlund (Death Sentence) as Fitzgerald, Takamasa Ishihara (Oresama) as The Bird, Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story: Freak Show) as Mac, Jai Courtney (Divergent) as Cup, John Magaro (My Soul To Take) as Tinker, Maddalena Ischiale (Cemetery Man) as Louise, and the film was directed by Angelina Jolie (Maleficent) with the real Louie Zamperini as the adviser to the writers.

UnbrokenMovieI have to tell you that the story is absolutely amazing and it really shows you just how far the human spirit can be pushed without breaking completely. The actors put themselves through hell in this film to capture the pain and suffering these men went through with the drastic weight loss. That was the part of the film that had me in awe was seeing the transformation of what these guys looked like in the beginning of the film to seeing them halfway through the film. Angelina does an absolute marvelous job directing this film and you have to see the cinematography for this film because they capture some amazing shots. One of the other incredible aspects of this film lies in the casting because Takamasa Ishihara plays the perfect villain in this film. The man looks like he is a tortured soul himself by the time Louie makes it to his camp, but the film is a battle between Louie and the Bird to see who will break whose will. This was an absolute incredible film that I am glad I went to see in the theaters. I am giving the film an A for a final grade.