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2017-headerFirst I want to start off by thanking everyone who took the time to vote in the tournament because after all, none of this is possible without your help. The first round of the 2017 Pedal To The Metal Tournament started off with a bang and some upsets along the way. The first division we are looking at is the Dio/Lemmy division which featured some cool match ups and was the late bloomer of the tournament meaning all of a sudden at the last minute, it blew up in votes. The first match up between Queensryche and Ghost seemed like a match that was pretty cut and dry with Ghost winning the match most of the time. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, Queensryche fans show up and get the band the win by 11 votes. The match was between tournament first timers U.D.O. taking on tournament favorites Primal Fear and while Primal Fear always does it best to promote the tournament, unfortunately they never stood a chance against the legend as he won the match by 28 votes. The third match was much like the first match, it looked like for a while that maybe Saxon was going to pull off the win, but the former two time champions fans showed up when it counted and gave Judas Priest a come from behind win. Accept is one of those bands that you cannot take lightly because they have slayed some giants in their day and they did that in the first round beating last year’s runner up Iron Maiden by 44 votes.

megadeth-2016The trash metal division a.k.a. The Jeff Hanneman division is a very tricky one because you never know what direction fans will head in when the tournament starts. They have done that since day one with them voting the giants out of the tournament (Metallica is a constant victim of that). This year’s first round was a little different than usual with fans going in the direction you thought they would. Megadeth owned their first round match up against newcomers Sepultura winning by 12 votes. Slayer had similar luck as Megadeth beating Death Angel by ten votes setting up a mega match in the next round. The Exodus/Suicidal Tendencies match was a true toss up and that is what I loved about it. You couldn’t really choose a clear winner between the two, but you were fine with what ever result. It was a great match up as well as the voting went back and forth with several lead changes, but in the end Exodus gets to live another day. The last match up features the unlucky Metallica who I believe for the second or third time has now been ousted from the tournament in the first round and Testament did it in convincing fashion beating them by ten votes.

destruction-bandOne of my favorite divisions in the whole tournament is the Chuck Schuldiner division because of the fan participation that the division gets is second to none. Ever since I introduced it, it has been magic from the start and it’s produced our last two winners. Not much has changed as Destruction easily handled Entombed A.D. by a whopping 55 votes. The next match featured tournament newcomers Amon Amarth and Witchery as both were looking to make an impact. Unfortunately for one of them, only one can move on and Amon Amarth easily handled their opponent. The next match featured 2015 winner Kreator taking on newcomers Vader and for a while, it looked as if Vader was going to pull off the upset, but never count out Kreator and it’s fans as they brought the band back to a huge win. Death Metal legends Cannibal Corpse entered the tournament last year, made an impact from the start, and they are continuing it this year with a huge come from behind win against Blackened Death Metal legends Behemoth. That was a great match up that kept me on the edge of my seat.

233280The last division that we are going to talk about here is the brand new Metal To The Core division featuring Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore, and New Wave Of American Metal bands. This division is an absolute toss up because you don’t know what direction fans are going to be heading in. The first match up featured metalcore acts All That Remains and Upon A Burning Body go head to head. It was a match was heading in different directions as it looked like UABB was going to win, but in the end, All That Remains pulled it together and won. The next match featured New Wave Of American Metal flag bearers Lamb Of God take on Deathcore act Whitechapel in an epic match that was going back and forth. Like I said before, only one can move on and in the end Lamb Of God proved to be the mightier of the two. Trivium pulled off the win against Parkway Drive who led the match for most of the weekend and Killswitch Engage was able to hold off Suicide Silence. Check out the bracket below and get ready for the sweet sixteen.

2017 Bracket sweet sixteen

2017-headerIt is officially here, it is time for everyone’s favorite heavy metal march madness style tournament, the 2017 Pedal To The Metal Tournament. The division that we are looking at today is brand spanking new which means that it has a clean slate heading into this tournament. It is called the Metal To The Core division for either it’s metal and hardcore influences that are laced into Deathcore, Metalcore, etc. The first match of the division features New Wave Of American Metal band All That Remains taking on a band whose publicity stunt may have been a bit brash, but it worked for Upon A Burning Body. Deathcore giants Whitechapel look to shred through the competition, but they’ll have to do so against the flag bearers of metal in Lamb Of God. Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive look to make a splash in the tourney, but they’ll have to beat metal veterans Trivium first. The last match of the division pits iconic New Wave Of American Metal giants Killswitch Engage as they take on a band with a lot of heat on them in the Deathcore world Suicide Silence. You have until March 18TH to vote and choose wisely.

all that remains vs upon a burning body

whitechapel vs lamb of god

parkway drive vs trivium

Suicide Silence Vs Killswitch Engage

2017-headerIt’s the sixth annual Pedal To The Metal Tournament which has been constantly evolving from what it was in the beginning (an all 80’s rock/metal tourney) to what it is now where we check out the best of all metal that is current and active. Active is the key word in the sentence because in order to qualify for the tournament, you had to have either released an album within the last three to four years or are actively touring all the time. Two of the division have changed in which now the Ronnie James Dio division is now The Dio/Lemmy Division as the old Lemmy division changed to the Metal To The Core (play on Metal-core and Deathcore) division. That division features everyone from the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal to any active Metalcore or Deathcore acts. The tournament is going to kick off as usual because the tournament coincides with the actual March Madness Tourney except we’ve shortened a round and extended another one. The tournament begins March 17TH right here and goes all the way until April 4TH. Below you will the bracket for the tourney and all of the match ups that we have for you. As always, the matches were drawn from a hat so that the matches were totally random. There are some really interesting matches so it’ll be fun to see how you guys vote. Be ready to start voting on March 17TH!!!


pedalIt’s that time of the year that I love because the March Madness tournament is right around the corner. Seven years ago, I started the Pedal To The Metal Tournament as a March Madness style tournament where you the fans decided who moved from round to round. This year is the sixth annual tournament (we skipped a year) and we are going to do something different this year. There are a couple of things that are being done different this year with one being that we eliminated rock bands from tournament and we replaced with metalcore and the New Wave Of American Metal bands and the second is that the final round will be longer due to the fact that I will not be around for five days (I will be at WrestleMania). The defending champions Destruction are back and they are ready to defend their championship against some familiar foes and some new bands as well. The other thing that is happening is that we are going to be starting the tournament a few days early than usual to coincide with what is happening. So you are probably wondering who is in the tournament and we have that answer for you and what division they are in. Coming soon is who each band will face in the first round so stay tuned for that.

Jeff Hanneman Division (Thrash Division)



-Death Angel



-Suicidal Tendencies



Dio/Kilmister Division

– Judas Priest


-Iron Maiden


– Primal Fear




Chuck Schuldiner Division

-Entombed A.D.



-Cannibal Corpse




-Amon Amarth

Metal To The Core Division

– Killswitch Engage


-Upon A Burning Body

-Lamb Of God


-Suicide Silence

-All That Remains

-Parkway Drive


Dimebag Darrell AbbottI really don’t understand what bands today are thinking when it comes to trying to get their bands noticed because that is all I can think this latest stunt was all about. A year ago or so, Upon A Burning Body faked the kidnapping of their lead singer which pissed off the metal community, but the latest crime that was committed should get Upon A Burning Body off the hook. An asshole by the name of Reece Eber has just become public enemy number one in the metal community for an unthinkable crime that he committed against one of the legends of metal. Reece has claimed full responsibility for desecrating the grave of the legendary Dimebag Darrell. He posted a pic claiming that his band hated Dimebag and everything the guitarist stood for in his career and that they didn’t care what Pantera fans thought of it. He even left a razorblade with fag written into it which not only pissed off fans of Dimebag Darrell, but it pissed me off royally. A person’s grave is a place to pay your respects and nothing else. It’s an homage that all metal fans and fans of Dime should take, but not in the way Reece acted. Reece recently issued a statement claiming that he was sorry, but I don’t believe he is sincere in his apology, but I think he is BACKPEDALING because he realizes he just ruined his career and he may have put his life in danger. I am not going to post the apology here out of respect for a man that I loved listening to and still love listening to when I reflect back on those records.

Back in 2008, I traveled to Dallas, Texas to visit a friend of mine who was living there and one of the things I wanted to do and made a point of it to do was visit the grave site of Dimebag Darrel to pay my respects to a man that brought so much joy to the world and me. It was a moment that I simply can’t describe when I made it to the site, but I paid my respects to the man like so many fans had done before me and after me. Pantera did release a statement on the matter saying, “We are absolutely disgusted by this! We ask that all of you please show Dime & his grave the respect he deserves. This conduct will not be tolerated and the authorities have been notified.” I hope that Reece enjoys his 15 minutes of fame because they just ran out on him and if I was him I would change my look, identity, and find a new career doing something else outside of music because you will never be forgiven for what you did. He will probably never be forgiven by his former band as well who are called Nuclear Hellfrost, who lost their spot on a big tour thanks to the actions of their former singer. Below is what Pantera posted on their Facebook page along what the statement they posted.


How would you feel if you were in the middle of recording an album when you lead singer decides that he wants to split? That is exactly what happened to Chicago Deathcore band Veil Of Maya who had finished touring the summer on the Mayhem Fest and then Brandon Butler, their singer at the time, decides to leave. The band soldiered on despite the adversity they faced and they armed themselves with a brand new lead singer and they have unveiled a brand new track from their upcoming release. The band unveiled their brand new singer Lukas Magyar to the world on Facebook as well as brand new track Phoenix which may be fitting since the band has had to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. The band definitely doesn’t lose their heavy ass edge that they were known for as Lukas Magyar proves that he can hang with just about anyone in the deathcore scene. The song is in your face, punishing, and everything you could ant from a deathcore track. The album’s name and release date is still yet to be determined, but you can catch the band on tour as they hit the road with Upon A Burning Body, Volumes, Gideon and The Last Ten Seconds of Life. Check out the tour dates below the lyric video and enjoy the new track.

1/8 — Atlanta, Ga. — Masquerade
1/9 — Raleigh, N.C. — Lincoln Theatre
1/10 — Philadelphia, Pa. — TLA
1/11 — Baltimore, Md. — Soundstage
1/13 — New York, N.Y. — Marlin Room at Webster Hall
1/14 — Worcester, Mass. — Altar Bar
1/16 — Cleveland, Ohio — Agora Ballroom
1/17 — Detroit, Mich. — St. Andrews
1/18 — Joliet, Ill. — Mojoes
1/20 — Minneapolis, Minn. — Mill City Nights
1/21 — Milwaukee, Wisc. — The Rave
1/22 — St. Louis, Mo. — Ready Room
1/23 — Lawrence, Kan. — Granada Theatre
1/24 — Omaha, Neb. — Sokol Underground
1/25 — Denver, Colo. — Summit Music Hall
1/28 — Anaheim, Calif. — Chain Reaction
1/29 — San Francisco, Calif. — DNA Lounge
1/30 — Santa Cruz, Calif. — The Catalyst
1/31 — West Hollywood, Calif. — The Roxy

I have listened to so many volumes of the Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes 80’s, and other albums and every once in a while you get a really cool cover on those compilations. The discs are a really a chance for young and up and coming artists to get noticed a little bit more than before through the hottest pop songs of the time. Some of you may already know who Upon A Burning Body is and you definitely should know who Ice-T is. Upon A Burning Body is that band that pulled the prank on everyone when they claimed their lead singer Danny Leal had been kidnapped. The metal community didn’t take kindly to the prank, but the band moved on to tour this past summer on The Mayhem Fest. Well, the band has teamed up with legendary rapper, Body Count frontman, and fellow Sumerian Records label mate Ice-T for a cover of DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s recent hit Turn Down For What on the brand new Punk Goes Pop Volume 6. The cover is actually really good and definitely worth checking out as Danny Leal and Co. transform this song and it makes sense. It’s actually my favorite song on the new volume as transforming Lil Jon’s what into a hardcore voice is made easy by Danny Leal. Check it out below: