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When it came time to choose the film I was going to review for today, I knew I wanted to watch a classic horror film and I looked to two men for inspiration. Edgar Allen Poe is a legendary horror poet who wrote so many amazing stories (we also share the same birthday) and Vincent Price (House Of Wax) is one of the most amazing horror actors ever. So, it was an easy choice as I decided to watch 1964’s The Masque Of The Red Death which was directed by the king of b-movies Roger Corman (The Little Shop Of Horrors). In this film, Price plays the tyrannical Prince Prospero who finds enjoyment in terrorizing the local peasants. When word comes around that the red death has struck the land, he seeks refuge in his castle as he tries to avoid the same fate as the peasants. The film also stars Hazel Court (The Curse Of Frankenstein) as Juliana, Jane Asher (Death At A Funeral) as Francesca, David Weston (The Tomorrow People) as Gino, Nigel Green (Jason and the Agronauts) as Ludovico, Patrick Magee (A Clockwork Orange) as Alfredo, Skip Martin (Circus Of Fear) as Hop Toad, Paul Whitsun-Jones (The Saint) as Scarlatti, Robert Brown (A View To A Kill) as Guard, Julian Burton (A Bucket Of Blood) as Señor Veronese, and Verina Greenlaw (NotIn Front Of The Children) as Esmeralda.

If you have any doubts in your head as to how amazing this film was then you need to erase those because the film was mesmerizing. The first thing you should know is not only was Vincent Price phenomenal in the film as far as his acting, but almost the whole entire cast was amazing. Everyone in the film brought their A game and that is what makes this film so enjoyable to watch from the moment it starts to the moment it ends. John Westbrook (The Lord Of The Rings) doesn’t get any credit in this film (literally he’s uncredited), but I am going to give him some credit because he had me believing that Christopher Lee was in the film. The story has this fixation with challenging religion as Vincent Price is a Satanist in the film and his prisoner Juliana is a Christian, but what Red Death proves is that you can battle over religions, but Death has no care or preference of religion. He just has a job to do and he is going to get it done with whatever means necessary. Oh before I forget, he also doesn’t care how rich or poor you may be as well. There’s an article that compares the Trump administration and the recent events to this very story and the more and more I read it I have to agree. You can read the article here, but for now I think this is definitely a film you need to check out if you consider yourself a film buff. Therefore I have decided that after viewing this masterpiece that I am going to give The Masque Of The Red Death an A for a final grade.

Number-of-the-beast-album-coverBack in September of 2018, we started a journey covering all the albums that were listed on Loudwire’s 50 Best Metal Albums Of All Time list. Before we started, we had already covered 14 albums which meant there were 36 albums to discover and explore and now we are down to two. By 1982, Iron Maiden was already a pretty established band having already released two albums (Self Titled & Killers), but the band had just released their singer and now were embarking on a new journey with a new lead singer who would sweep the metal world off it’s feet. Bruce Dickinson was the new lead singer of Iron Maiden and he was joined by Steve Harris (Bass), Dave Murray (Guitars), Adrian Smith (Guitars), and for the very last time Clive Burr (Drums). On March 22, 1982, the band would release their epic third album The Number Of The Beast and it was a huge success for the band as it established Bruce as the leading frontman of Heavy Metal. The album was such a success that it was the first Iron Maiden record to go number one in the UK and it peaked at 33 in the US Billboard Top 200 Charts as it went platinum selling over 1 million copies.

number-of-the-beast-album-cover-back1. Invaders– Burr and Harris kick off the track before the band kicks into overdrive for the opening track that is all about the Viking’s Norman conquest of 1066. Harris believes that the band could have chosen a better track than this for the album. 4.5/5

2. Children Of The Damned-a very melodic intro and pretty mellow track that Dickinson has admitted was based off of Black Sabbath’s Children Of The Sea track. The lyrics were based on the films Village Of The Damned and Children Of The Damned. 5/5

3. The Prisoner-a cool track that is based off of the television series of the same name and even features an audio clip from the show that the manager of Maiden Ron Smallwood said he had to call Patrick McGoohan just to get permission to use it to which McGoohan agreed. 4.5/5

4. 22 Acacia Avenue– This is the second track in the Charlotte The Harlot saga and how she shouldn’t continue her life of prostitution because of the things that could happen to her if she continues. 5/5

the-number-of-the-beast-ltd-1a-600x6005. The Number Of The Beast– The most famous title track and a live staple for many years in this track that was inspired by a bad dream that Harris had after watching Damien: The Omen II and he has also stated that the track was also inspired by Tam o’ Shanter by Robert Burns. The spoken word in the beginning of the track was from The Book Of Revelations and was read by Barry Clayton because the band refused to pay Vincent Price asking price of £25,000. 5/5

6. Run To The Hills– This is probably the most famous and overplayed Iron Maiden track of all time in this track that is all about European white males who started invading the land that would later be known as the United States of America and what they did to Native Americans. 5/5

7. Gangland– This is probably the weakest track on the whole album and it’s even agreed by Steve Harris who said the choice was made in a rush in this track that I believe is about a man who leaves the gang life behind, but it never really leaves him as it haunts him. 4/5

8. Hallowed Be Thy Name– One of the most legendary tracks in all of Iron Maiden’s catalog as it is the most covered Maiden track. The track is about a prisoner who is about to be hanged. There is a little bit of controversy surrounding the track as the band was sued for songwriting credits. For more info on that, just click here. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is not my favorite Iron Maiden record ever, but it is definitely up there. It’s that album to Maiden that Back In Black was to AC/DC or Blizzard Of Ozz was for Ozzy, it’s just the standard. A track to avoid on here is definitely Gangland while the rest of the album is more than listenable so rock out with your… well you know what I am saying. I am going to give the album 4.7 stars out of five.

abominable dr phibesFor today’s 31 Days Of Halloween film, I wanted to watch a classic film that I hadn’t seen before and a museum in Salem, MA inspired my choice for today. After going into Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery to meet Kane Hodder and Lar Park Lincoln, a wax statue of Dr. Phibes inspired my choice for today in The Abominable Dr. Phibes. The film stars horror and acting legend Vincent Price (The Masque Of Red Death) as he plays the disfigured Dr. Anton Phibes who lost his wife in a surgical mishap some years before. In a spot of rage he decides to kill all ten Doctors who were there using each of the ten plagues from the Old Testament like bees, bats, rats, killer frogs, and so many more. As he is doing this, the police are struggling to figure out who is doing it in an attempt to save the remaining doctors before it’s too late. The film also stars Joseph Cotten (Shadow Of A Doubt) as Dr. Vesalius, Hugh Griffith (How To Steal A Million) as Rabbi, Terri Thomas (It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World) as Dr. Longstreet, Virginia North (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) as Vulnavia, Peter Jeffrey (The Return Of The Pink Panther) as Inspector Trout, Maurice Kaufmann (Die! Die! My Darling) as Dr. Whitcombe, and the film was directed by Robert Fuest (The Devil’s Rain).

Dr. PhibesNow, this isn’t your stereotypical horror film where you can expect gore or a serial killer who comes back from the dead. This is more like your Shakespeare of horror kind of films where there is a story where the so called “Villain” is someone who you can kind of sympathize with because he is getting revenge for the death of his wife. So, the whole time the film is going you don’t know whether to root for the smart killer in Phibes or the bumbling detectives who can’t seem to protect anyone. The film is listed as a horror comedy so the police is where the comedy lies in this film and it’s acceptable because after all they are looking for a man they can’t see or find ever and who is outsmarting them every time. I was confused for a while who the women is that is with Dr. Phibes because she never speaks in the entirety of the film. You know that she is someone who is helping her out, but is that his wife or not? The way in which the various plagues are carried out is absolutely brilliant especially for 1971. Vincent Price is a master of horror and there is a reason he was chosen for so many classic horror films. The cinematography in the film is excellent, the acting is great, and the sets and costumes are amazing too. The only I thought was a little cheesy is the wind up band that he has with him because you can tell they are humans with masks unless that is what he intended them to look like. Check it out for yourself on Youtube right now. I am giving the film an A- for a final grade.

the flyFor Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I wanted to explore horror films from every decade or at least I am going to try and do that. For today, we are exploring the 1958 horror classic The Fly which stars the legend Vincent Price (House Of Wax) as Francois. One night, a nightwatchmen for Francois’s newspaper company catches a woman near the printing press where a man’s body lies underneath it. The woman ends up being Francois’s sister in law Helene (Patricia Owens) and the body under the press ends up being Francois’s brother Andre (David Hedison). Questions are looming around as to why she did it and the story that she tells Francois and the inspector is truly amazing and hard to believe. Was Andre transformed into a fly through his newest invention or was Helene making all of this up in her head? The film features a very small cast and it’s rounded out by Herbert Marshall (The Little Foxes) as Inspector Charas, Kathleen Freeman (Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult) as Emma, Betty Lou Gerson (101 Dalmatians) as Nurse Andersone, Charles Herbert (13 Ghosts) as Philippe, and the film was directed by Kurt Neumann (Rocketship X-M).

fly 2Sadly in the world, there are people that when they hear the title The Fly, they think of the Jeff Goldblum version that came out in the 1980’s instead of this classic that starred one of the greatest actors in horror. I don’t take anything away from the David Cronenberg version, but this one is a classic and is the reason why I chose this version. This came at a time when horror films weren’t really scary if you think about it because a lot of them were about using insects that we hate and making them bigger and scarier that way. I love how it starts towards the end and it works it’s way back as she tells the story from the beginning because at first you have no idea why she killed him. Then it gets a little suspenseful towards the end of the film when you see that special fly that they are all looking for. It’s actually kind of cool and the special effects are cool for the time that this came out. Vincent Price is once again brilliant as the reluctant brother in law who wants to believe Helene, but is having a hard time doing so. The film has a small cast, but it works for this film because the story after all centers on Helene and Andre. If you are a fan of great screenwriting and great acting, then I would definitely check this one out before you check out the remake. I am going to give this film an A- for a final grade.

1332491956_hellbilly-deluxeThe full album title is Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Tales Of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside The Spookshow International, but a lot of us just refer to the album as Hellbilly Deluxe. This album was my proper introduction to Rob Zombie because I know I had heard White Zombie before, but I never had paid attention till I had seen him at Ozzfest 99 when he was promoting this album. It was Rob Zombie’s first venture as a solo artist after he disbanded White Zombie and it featured much of the same sound as White Zombie, but it was more ferocious and in your face. It mixed sounds of rock, metal, and industrial into while combining the awesomeness of b-horror movie madness. On the record, Rob played with Riggs (Guitars), Blasko (Bass), and the album saw John Tempesta (Drums) come over from White Zombie and the album features additional work from Tommy Lee of Motley Crue, Danny Lohner, and Mark Matcho. The album was released on August 25, 1998 and the album peaked at number 5 on The Billboard Top 200 charts while going 3 times platinum since in the US and 2 times platinum in Canada. The album features a 24 page booklet which includes the cover and has artwork designed by Marvel Comics artists Gene Colan and Dan Brereton. The robot posing with Rob Zombie is a replica robot from the 1939 movie The Phantom Creeps and was designed by Wayne Toth (he would later work with Rob on House Of 1000 Corpses) specifically for Rob. The album also features samples from old horror films like Lady Frankenstein, The Last House On The Left, The City Of The Dead, Mark Of The Devil, Daughters Of Darkness, and The Satanic Rites Of Dracula.

rob_zombie_-_hellbilly_deluxe_(1998)-back1. Call Of The Zombie– A creepy little intro that I believe that Sherri Moon Zombie is the one saying it. The sound clip at the end of it is from the Vincent Price film Madhouse. 4/5

2. Superbeast– This song is absolutely intense as it chugs away with the industrial madness behind it as it smashes your eardrums. If you were driving in a Camaro, this song would make you want to drive more than a 100 MPH. Definitely one of my favorite tracks on the record and it was an amazing way that Rob used to open his concerts with back in the day. 5/5

3. Dragula– This is probably one of the most famous tracks on the record with it’s crazy club industrial metal sound about the car that The Munsters had in the show. 5/5

4. Living Dead Girl– A song whose music I can only describe as seductive and mesmerizing with the line in the beginning of the track from the film Lady Frankenstein. The music in the beginning of the song is from The Last House On The Left Trailer while the line What are you thinking about?/The same thing you are is from the film Daughters Of Darkness. 5/5

5. Perversion 99– Another intro track that leaves you in a  trance as you wait for the next track because you can’t avoid it. 4/5

6. Demonoid Phenomenon– This track is an absolute sledgehammer as Riggs guitar sound melts your face combined with the industrial dance floor like metal. The lines “don’t lie to yourself, it gave you pleasure” and “enjoy the dead girl’s body” are from the Daughters Of Darkness film. 5/5

7. Spookshow Baby– This is an interesting song that is all industrial in nature before changing into a metal blitzkrieg for the choruses. 4/5

8. How To Make A Monster– Never one of my favorites on this record due to it’s low quality sound. I usually avoid this one. 1/5

9. Meet the Creeper– This is a step back in the right direction for the band as it’s another track on the record that is a freight train going out of control with the muted string/dropped d sound combined with more of the industrial beats. This is one of the tracks that features Tommy Lee on drums. 5/5

1180359262-inlay-cover10. The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore– This is techno madness at it’s best mixed with metal. This is the other track on the record that features Tommy Lee on drums. 4/5

11. What Lurks On Channel X?– This song isn’t bad on the record, but I have always said that it sounded better live. This is a another great example of the industrial techno metal sound where the samples are at the forefront of the track. 3/5

12. Return Of The Phantom Stranger– I love the organs mixed in the beginning of the track along with the techno metal. Mt favorite part of the song is the chorus, I just live all the elements that are mixed in with the song. It reminds me of the White Zombie track Blood, Milk, And Sky and I love that song. 4/5

13. The Beginning Of The End can be considered the outro, but it’s a bunch of industrial machine factory like noise which can essentially symbolize what a disastrous end would sound like. 2/5

My Final Thoughts: I became obsessed with Rob Zombie after I saw what an amazing live show he had and I have to say out of all the lineups he has had, this one is still my favorite. Riggs and Blasko brought another dimension into Zombie’s band that was amazing live. I still believe that the guys he has now are amazing, but it’s been hard to top these first two solo records in Hellbilly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge which is my absolute favorite.  The album gets four stars out of five for a final grade. This is the last Halloween related post for the album of the week category. It has been a fun ride this year. Here is to next year.

File:Welcome To My Nightmare.jpgThe whole month of October was dedicated to Halloween themed posts when it came to whatever I had from Single, Parody, or even music video of the week type posts. I even dedicated my album of the week posts when I said that I wasn’t originally going to. I reviewed everything that I thought was Halloween worthy like White Zombie to Type O Negative, but I saved the best for last. Tomorrow is October 31 which means it is Halloween and you can not have Halloween without the master of it all Alice Cooper. He is one of the original shock rockers that parents loved to hate, but that hasn’t stopped him. Welcome To My Nightmare was a special album for Alice because it was not only his eight album, but it was also his first solo record without the Alice Cooper Band. It was also a concept album that followed the nightmares of a boy named Steven and the cover artwork was designed by Drew Struzan for Pacific Eye & Ear. The album featured a whole list of musicians that helped create this horror rock masterpiece and it was produced by Bob Ezrin.

alice 2The title track starts off the album with it’s cool and calm guitar beat before we get mixed elements of Disco, Jazz, and hard rock with a real funky riff. Devil’s Food opens up with a cool guitar riff, but I love when they mess with the audio making it almost fade in and out of certain speakers.  Vincent Price opens up the next track Black Widow which is a balls out rocker with amazing guitar riffs and cool background vocals that make the album seem like it’s a production. Some Folks is a total big band/Lounge Lizard type track that is actually pretty cool to listen to. Only Woman Bleed is the ballad on the album which is one of the most recognizable tracks on the album. It’s lyrics were once mistaken as talking about woman’s menstrual cycle’s, but in fact that song is about woman who are beaten by their husbands. Department Of Youth is a true rock anthem for any kid to sing along to with cool guitar riffs and some more background vocals. Cold Ethyl may be one of the most rocking songs on here with some true swagger and the song could have two meanings. The track could be about necrophilia, but I tend to think that the track is about his abuse of alcohol which was well known back in the 70’s.

aliceYears Ago starts off with a Halloween themed/Carnival beat in the beginning with Alice singing like he is a child (or Steven). Then before you know it, we hear an adults voice telling Steven it’s time to go before the track kicks into the next one. Steven starts off with a piano and little Steven returns to sing in the beginning of the track.  The track has a big production feel to it like we are watching a theater piece. The Awakening is another two minute intro track that features Alice once again singing as Little Steven. Escape is the last track on the record and it has that classic sounding 70’s rock song feel to it and it should considering it came out in 1975. It’s like a climactic close to a story where the main character has escaped. This is an amazing album that takes you on a journey through madness. Alice’s character of Steven wasn’t a one shot deal, he would return in many Alice Cooper records like Alice Cooper Goes To Hell, DaDa, The Last Temptation, Hey Stoopid, Dragontown, Along Came A Spider, and the sequel to this album Welcome 2 My Nightmare. I am going to give the album four stars out of five.

dead heatDead Heat was a 1988 comedy action movie that takes the zombie genre to a completely different place than we’re used to. The movie was directed by Mark Goldblatt (Piranha) and it stars Treat Williams (Once Upon A Time In America) as Roger Mortis and Joe Piscopo (Johnny Dangerously) as Doug Bigelow, a couple of cops that stumble upon a case they didn’t ask for. They go to what they think is a routine robbery, but when they shoot the suspects they don’t die. The robbers are guys that have been brought back to life to do their master’s bidding. On the investigation Doug stumbles on one of the zombies that is really big and ugly. When Roger tries to save him, he gets locked in a room and he dies only to be brought back to life. The only problem is that he only has 12 hours to find the people behind this or his body will decompose. The movie also stars the legend, the late Vincent Price, Lindsay Frost (The Ring), Darren McGavin (Billy Madison), Professor Toru Tanaka (Wrestler and Actor) as The Butcher, and Martha Quinn (MTV VJ) as a reporter and an un-credited appearance by Linnea Quigley (A Nightmare On Elm Street IV).

dead heat 2The film is really goofy and I knew it was going to be with Joe Piscopo in the film, but I do have to say that I really liked it. It was a new take for Zombie movies and it was nice to see one of the all time greats in Vincent Price make an appearance. Their were some corny and cheesy typical cop interaction scenarios like the cop who runs into the girl that works either as another cop or a coroner and she is mad because he doesn’t call type of stuff. One of the more amusing scenes comes in the butcher shop when our dynamic duo has to battle headless chickens, what I assume is a headless buffalo or cow, and some angry duck heads. One of the coolest scenes in the film comes towards the end when someone actually decomposes (I won’t give away who). It’s not that bad of a film, but I can see why it didn’t win an Oscar. The MVP of the film goes to Treat Williams who did an amazing job in the film, he really shined towards the end. In the tradition of Cheeseball Cinema, On a scale of 1 being close to an A-List film and 5 being the cheesiest film of all time, I am giving this film a 2.5

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