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17498847_1430758220309198_7445967711751034253_nThe Pedal To The Metal tournament has remained one of the most controversial tournaments in history mainly due to certain fan bases arguing over the legitimacy of the tournament. People have always questioned how certain bands have defeated other bands and it always seems to center on Iron Maiden. They have been in the tournament every year and they have never won the tournament yet. We’ve seen Motley Crue, Judas Priest (2X Champs), Kreator, Destruction, and Queensryche claim the title, but never them. The fact of the matter is that I post the article on every band’s Facebook page to try and alert the various fan bases, but it’s up the band to share the posts. If they do not then you obviously do not see it and therefore when you finally catch wind of the tournament, you cry foul that Iron Maiden was eliminated. I changed the tournament up the last couple of years to include newer bands, but this year we are going back to the beginning when things were simpler. First, we have shortened how many bands are in the tournament from 32 to 16 and the last thing we did is that it is only going to involve 1980’s hard rock and heavy metal bands.

queensryche-bannerIn fact, we are only including the bands that could be considered the elite of the list and while it’s up for debate, we have chosen the bands. The following bands will be in the tournament this year: Queensryche (defending champions), Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Motorhead, Def Leppard, and Scorpions are the qualified bands. The last four spots of the tournament will be contested between eight other bands with the top four qualifying for the tournament. The eight bands are Twisted Sister, Skid Row, W.A.S.P., Dokken, Ratt, Accept, Y&T, and King Diamond. The voting will occur in two places: one place you can visit to vote will be on my Twitter page @TheMonsterHour with the second being the blog’s very own Facebook page. We’ll also be hosting the vote on my radio show page for Pedal To The Metal Radio which is what the tournament was named after. You will have 24HRS to cast your vote and the top four bands will move on so choose wisely. Stay tuned for the rest of the tournament news and brackets to follow!


waspOne of the most controversial, but bad ass bands of the 1980’s has to be the criminally underrated W.A.S.P.  which some have suspected stood for We Are Sexual Perverts, but that would be too easy. The band would have some huge success with the self titled first album, but on November 9, 1985, the band would release an album that I consider one of the best in The Last Command which once again featured Blackie Lawless (Bass/Lead Vocals), Chris Holmes (Lead Guitar), Randy Piper (R. Guitar), and for the first time ever future LA Guns founder Steve Riley (Drums). Unfortunately for Randy Piper, this would be the last time that W.A.S.P. fans would see him record with the band. The album was a huge success for the band as it was their very first album to sell over one million copies as it went platinum. The album also peaked at number 48 on the Billboard Top 200 charts which is their fourth highest charted album in the band’s history (Live In The Raw, The Crimson Idol, and The Headless Children charted higher).

71d86zYteNL._SL1274_1. Wild Child– The very first single off the album and the highest charted single on the album features that iconic guitar intro that leads into this iconic track that is all about being a free spirit with your motorcycle and nothing but the highways in front of you. 5/5

2. Ball Crusher– An awesome straight up rock track that seems to be about a very tough butch woman known as the ball crusher. This is obviously someone you don’t want to mess with. 5/5

3. Fistful Of Diamonds– The sounds of a ticket machine and the news of the stock market play over this hellraiser of a track that is about how money can make people very greedy as they are never satisfied with what they have. 4.5/5

4. Jack Action– A hard charging song that Steve Riley co-wrote with Blackie abioiut a man looking for revenge against someone named Jack Action. The track could be about drugs, but I am not sure. 4.5/5

5. Widowmaker– The track starts with this brooding eerie sound effect before the band comes in with a very melodic and dark track about Death and all the damage he can do. 5/5

R-2108893-1427696266-1384.jpeg_grande6. Blind In Texas– A live anthem for sure that this track would become for years to come as W.A.S.P. tells you about some drunken adventures in the state of Texas. 5/5

7. Cries In The Night– Of all the tracks that were not singles this is definitely one of my favorite ones on the album. Another melodic track that fades in from nothing when it starts in this track that is about how life changes when you get famous. 5/5

8. The Last Command– The title track and another track on the album that truly kicks ass in this track that is really a rally cry for anything in life that you need motivation. 5/5

9. Running Wild in the Streets– Another anthem for all the metalheads out there, but instead of complaining about fame, this is Blackie telling you about the legion of fans they have and how they will fight for metal. 4/5

10. Sex Drive– The last track on the album that I always felt was a little out of place considering the majority of the subject matter on the album. If you read the title of the track and you can’t figure out what it’s about then you are hopeless. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– I thought the first 8 songs on the album were solid with great melodies when needed and fist pumping, adrenaline shots that keep you headbanging. Then there’s the last two tracks on the album that are in the OK category. That is kind of what the follow up would represent before the band got it back under control for The Headless Children. This is one of the greatest W.A.S.P. records ever recorded and with that I am going to give the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.

War Of The Covers Rebel YellWe didn’t have a War Of The Covers last week and we apologize for that as we kind of took a Vacation last week. Nevertheless, we have the results of the previous one with Fallen Man easily defeating Fozzy in who covered L.O.V.E. Machine by W.A.S.P. better. Well this week we have an interesting battle for all of you out there as we have a fatal four way match to decide who covered Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell better. In 2007, Nu Metal act Drowning Pool released a cover of the track for their first record with Ryan McCombs of Soil entitled Full Circle. In 2009, Children Of Bodom released a cover of the track for an all covers album called Skeletons In The Closet. Also in 2009, Hard Rock/Metal act Dope would release a cover of the song on their fifth album No Regrets. In 2011, rock act Black Veil Brides released an their Rebels EP which featured a cover of the track as well as a cover of a Kiss song. Now only one version can reign supreme here and it’s up to you guys to decide who recorded the best version. All four tracks are worthy, but only one will make it out alive. You have until the next War Of The Covers post to decide.





war of the covers love machineI have always had the motto that if at first you don’t succeed then you try and try again which is definitely the case this week. Before we get into this week’s War Of The Covers, we are here to inform you that Vader won last week’s challenge by gaining 78% of the votes making their version of Slayer’s Silent Scream the king. This week we have an interesting battle for all of you out there as we attempt something we have never done before. This week we have an unsigned/independent band taking on a nationally signed act in this week’s War Of The Covers. For this week’s battle, we are looking at legendary LA metal act W.A.S.P. whose seminal hit from their self titled 1984 debut L.O.V.E. Machine which is the subject of our battle this week. In 2002, metal act Fozzy which features WWE wrestler Chris Jericho released a cover of the song for their second studio album Happenstance. In 2007, legendary Unsigned/Independent act Fallen Man released their 3RD full length album Reborn which featured a cover of the track. Now only one of these versions can reign supreme and it’s totally up to you guys to decide so choose wisely and just have fun doing it.




pedal-2016-promoLast night was Alumni Takeover Weekend over at Bridgewater State University’s radio station WBIM 91.5FM. The reason it’s special and why I did a show is because that is my Alma Mater and I was a DJ at the radio station where I hosted the show Pedal To The Metal. It’s a tradition that has been going on for some time at the school during Homecoming weekend where alumni of the station will come and take over the station for a weekend. It’s an awesome tradition that I wish was more than just one weekend a year because it’s so nice to run into some familiar faces and hear some stories from some of the guys that came before you. I want to go ahead and thank John Coombs for putting this together once again and I hope he feels better, it wasn’t the same without him there. I also want to thank the school for allowing us to do this and the current staff at WBIM for allowing us to come and takeover the station from them. Here is my playlist from that featured a special Black Sabbath medley (of sorts).

1. Inside The Fire by Disturbed

2. The Threat Is Real by Megadeth

3. Square Hammer by Ghost

4. Room 24 by Volbeat

5. One Of Us Is The Killer by The Dillinger Escape Plan

6. Turn Off The Radio by A Day To Remember

7. Babylon’s Burning by W.A.S.P.

8. Brotherhood Of Man by Motorhead

9. On With The Show by Motley Crue

10. Children Of The Grave (Vocalist Medley) by Black Sabbath*

11. Sail Away by Deep Purple

12. Metal Gods by Judas Priest

* Vocalist Medley featured Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Martin, and Ronnie James Dio on the same track.

W.A.S.P. was definitely one of my favorite metal bands to come out of the 80’s so since I thought up of Soundtrack Saturdays, I have been dying to post this article. As you all know, in October, we are in observance of the great holiday Halloween and Scream Until You Like It by W.A.S.P. was a track that I’ve been dying to use. The song first appeared in the film Ghoulies II which sees the Ghoulies in a carnival setting as they continue to cause mayhem and murder. The song contains everything you would want from a W.A.S.P. which means high octane fueled metal with those signature screams from Blackie Lawless. It’ actually one of my favorite songs from the band who would eventually include the track on their Live… In The Raw live album as a bonus track. I provided you guys with the music video as well which sees Blackie and company with the actual Ghoulies as well as footage from the film too. Check out the track below and don’t forget to scream until you like it.

W.A.S.P._(альбом)I was trying to think up of albums that I hadn’t reviewed yet that I absolutely loved and then it came to my attention that I had never covered W.A.S.P. before. W.A.S.P. at the time was a heavy metal band from Los Angeles that according to vocalist/bassist Blackie Lawless predated all the hair bands. The rest of the band who were known for their crazy visual show was well as their heavy sound were rounded out by Chris Holmes (Lead Guitar), Randy Piper (R. Guitar), and Tony Richards (Drums). Previously before the release of their 1984 self titled debut (which is the album we are covering), the band had released the single Animal (F**k Like A Beast) and after it made the filthy 15, it was deleted from the album before it was released. The album since it’s release was certified gold and it peaked at number 74 on the Billboard Top 200 charts. It is one of the band’s quintessential records and one regarded by fans as one of the best besides the follow up The Last Command. It was also one of the two records that Blackie played bass guitar on before he switched to Rhythm Guitar for Inside The Electric Circus and all of the albums after that one. This was also the last album to feature all oft he members in the band on the album cover as the rest either feature artwork or just Blackie Lawless himself.

W.A.S.P._I_Wanna_Be_Somebody1. I Wanna Be Somebody– The quintessential song about wanting to rise up and make something of yourself. It’s the anthem for all metalheads who want to succeed in life. 5/5

2. L.O.V.E. Machine– I always loved how the song faded in with the rolling drum beat and it has a killer bass line that keeps the song moving. The song is about a man who is clearly a stud as he leaves a trail of women behind him that have felt the love machine. 5/5

3. The Flame– a very underrated hard charging rock song which is basically about male testosterone. 4.5/5

4. B.A.D.– A slower tempo track than previous songs about how women can really screw over guys. 4/5

5. School Daze– The song starts off with kids saying the pledge of allegiance before it rages into a pure metal classic that s super charged. I feel like this was the School’s Out for the 80’s generation. 5/5

WASP_lineup6. Hellion– a track whose music just matches the title so well as the tempo is once again slowered until the verse kicks off and Chris Holmes tendency of loving speed metal kicks in. 4/5

7. Sleeping (In the Fire)– This is a ballad like song from W.A.S.P. which is one of my favorite tracks on the record cause it showcases their abilities. It’s a track about sadism and masochism. A sex fantasy song from Blackie which he had a tendency to write about back then. 5/5

8. On Your Knees– a hellraiser about a girl who flaunts her sexuality in order to have a good time or at least that is what I got out of it. For example, “Dancing with danger right until dawn. The sin that you buy and you sell. Mom and daddy said “the life that you’ve led, You’ll party you’re way straight to hell”.” 5/5

9. Tormentor– The song starts off with chains rattling and it sounds like their being pulled. So you can imagine by the title what the track is about. 4/5

10. The Torture Never Stops– This is the last track on he record and one of my other favorites on the album which I think is about how life can get tough where it seems like there is no hope. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is my favorite W.A.S.P. record that the band ever recorded because it was so raw and in your face. It’s pure metal madness at it is finest. One thing I left out about their name is that it is one of the most debated topics because does it stand for We Are Sexual Perverts or White Anglo Saxon Protestant (I doubt it). Anyways I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.