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weston-cageSome time ago, we found out that Nicolas Cage could possibly be into metal, but we knew that his son Weston Cage was for sure. After all, he was the lead singer of the now defunct black metal group Eyes Of Noctum which pretty much makes him a metal fan. Well, now Wes has announced that he has a brand new solo disc and he has teamed up with Revolver Magazine to unveil his new track Tell Me Why (Matriarch Of Misery) which he has also dubbed Ghost Metal (though it sounds like a combination of 90’s Industrial Metal and doom metal combined). Here is what Wes told Revolver Magazine about the new music and the new genre:

I’ve always had an intense passion for music, so much so that I started my first band while still in middle school. As soon as Eyes Of Noctum disbanded, though, I was left alone with a vast array of melodies, rhythms, and concepts. In this time of great seclusion, my inner dialogue and muse grew louder and more impatient, this continued until a solo project was my only resort. My heart wanted this and I am proudly here to present music that is truer to my essence, direct from my core. ‘Ghost Metal’ has been my life’s work. I have been creating this genre for years and the majority of this album’s track list properly delivers the sound of a traditional ‘Ghost Metal’ track while others remain diverse so that we can all ease into this new genre in the family tree of metal. ‘Tell Me Why’ is open to interpretation, but to me, it’s simply about betrayal, abuse, and being used by someone that likes to drain people’s life forces. What makes my writing style unique, is that I have to insure that at least one part of the song gives me the chills. If I am haunted by my own riff, then I’ve reached my standard for ‘Ghost Metal.’ My music, like myself, is honest and gritty. With all that said, the first single off my debut solo album, ‘Prehistoric Technology,’ ‘Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery),’ will arrive in digital stores worldwide on September 22, 2014, with the album following suit with a pre-release in January 2015.

To hear the actual song, click on this link here to get transferred to the Revolver Magazine website. Keep an open mind and tell me what you think, I’m curious to see if this catches on.