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I figured since I dedicated the Cover Of The Week to Nick Menza that I would do the same again today with the Mashup Of The Week. So I found an artist that took a Megadeth track from the classic lineup era of Megadeth and mashed it up with another track. Now remember my one rule that I have for Mashups and that is they have to sound right due to the fact that it flows right. The featured Mashup Producer YITT took Megadeth’s Tornado Of Souls from the Rust In Peace album and he mashed it with the Foo Fighters track The Pretender¬†to make his track Tornado Of Pretenders. Now when the track first started, I was a little worried about the flow of things, but as soon as the track kicked in I wasn’t so worried anymore. In fact, it’s actually an enjoyable Mashup where Dave Grohl is singing over the Megadeth track. Every now and again during the chorus he injects a little of teh Megadeth song into it. It’s a very cool Mashup and if you want to check out more from him, then click here. Otherwise check it out below: