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We are going to try something new on the blog where we explore music from bands that are not signed to a label. Hence the name of the piece being Unsigned Band Of The Week, but this is way to try and expose music from bands all across the country and world. We usually only cover bands that are signed, but hopefully this can bring some noise to the scene for these bands. Our first band that we chose for this piece hails all the way from Milwaukee and they are called UNDER AEGIS. They are a progressive metal band that just absolutely pummels right from the first chord. The song I chose to share with all of you is the track Smoke & Mirrors and the song is just heavy as hell. The song gives you everything you need from the in your face vocals from their singer Zach Murphy to the amazing chord and tempo changes that the band provides. The music has some in your face breakdowns as well which just pump up the adrenaline. Definitely check these guys out as I provided the music video for all of you below. Give them a like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter as well.