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square-hammer-2Just like last year, we are observing the month of October here on the blog with horror related posts, but we are also doing it differently as well. You’ll get one Halloween related post with a regular music video of the week or single, etc. For this week’s Halloween related music video of the week, I am presenting to you the new music video from everybody’s favorite 70’s-esque Satanic group Ghost. Ghost recently released their latest EP Popestar to the masses and the EP features one original track with four amazing covers. The band recently released a music video for the track Square Hammer which is the original track on the EP and the band pays tribute to 1920’s Horror with the video. The video which was directed by Zev Deans sees the band arrive for the first ever moving picture in what looks and feels like something out of Nosferatu, but there’s no Vampire in the coffin, only a square hammer. Then a Giant Papa comes out of the screen turning into thousands of bats as the band is forced to battle him outside in order to save everyone. Check out the video below:


I promised you two videos and I gave you one already for the metal side, so it’s time to serve one up from the rock side of life. Everybody’s favorite version of Creed called Alter Bridge is back with a fifth studio album called The Last Hero and that hits the stores on October 6TH via Caroline Records. The band has been touring all summer with Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin and they have taken the time to create a music video for the track Show Me A Leader. The video was directed by Zev Deans and it’s a very politically driven video that is also animated. It shows the band performing on a stage that overlooks the masses as they draw attention away from the two political leaders whose heads are megaphones. The video is super cool and it has a strong message, but the track is heavy as heck. I am super impressed with the guitar riff to the track, it’s hard charging and in your face which has me excited to hear what else Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti have come up with. You can still pre-order some pretty cool packages for the new album by going here. Otherwise, check out the video below:

2014 may have been one of the biggest years in the history of Behemoth who released what many are calling the metal album of the year in the album The Satanist which also took home The Monster Entertainment Award for Heavy Ass Metal Album Of The Year at the 4TH Annual Monster Entertainment Awards. Many believed it was a resurgence that was well deserved for the Polish Blackened Death Metal act, but that is not all. The band released astonishing music videos that were just visually captivating for Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel and Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer that were just as visually disturbing if you are a die hard Christian. Now the band has returned once more with another visually stunning music video for the track Messe Noire which is also off of The Satanist and it’s just as visually disturbing. The band chose director Zev Deans to helm the video for Messe Noire after seeing what he had done for Portal and their video for Curtain. The primary subject matter for the video is one of the oldest stories in history that has always captivated people as it tells the story of Lucifer’s decent from Heaven and into hell. Behemoth frontman and cancer survivor Nergal tells the story of why he chose Deans, “It was actually our drummer Inferno’s idea to use Zev Deans. He showed me a Portal video that literally blew my f—in’ mind! For a long time we’ve attempted to reach a new ground and artistically leave the comfort zone. The Satanist is THE record that challenges us on so many levels… and here we are, exploring new grounds with a video producer who is a genuine visionary! ‘Messe Noire’ video surely adds new quality to our art and makes it even more transcendental… I am proud!” Zev Deans adds to the convo saying, “The story of Lucifer’s fall, followed by his defiant rebirth, reminds me of Nergal’s own personal struggles of recent years. Like Lucifer, Behemoth has recovered from hardship, and they are stronger than ever. With ‘Messe Noire,’ I was lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in the genre. I owe the success of this project to the intense SACRIFICE that Sharon and the rest of team gave to this work.” Check out the video below and pick up the album if you haven’t already done so.