king-kong-vs-godzillaAll this talk going around the internet about 2020 and the new King Kong vs Godzilla film which may get some attention as the special scene in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island has me wanting the match now. Then I realized that they did face each other before and it was all the way back in 1962 which was 55 years ago. In the original version, an American submarine travelling around in the ocean sees something nuclear inside of an a gigantic glacier. When they go in to investigate it, they by accidentally unleash the most fearless monster of all in Godzilla. Jealous that one station reported on the findings, Mr. Tako (Ichirō Arishima) sends two of his best men to the mysterious Faro Island to discover whether there is a monster on that island or not. When a giant Octopus comes ashore and attacks the island, the two men Sakurai (Tadao Takashima) and Kinsaburo (Yu Fujiki) discover that King Kong is the monster of that island. Drugged up and asleep, they bring King Kong to Japan where he will do battle with Godzilla in an attempt to save Japan. The film also stars Kenji Sahara (Godzilla: King Of The Monsters) as Kazuo Fujita, Mie Hama (You Only Live Twice) as Fumiko Sakurai, Akiko Wakabayashi (Akiko) as Tamie, and the film was directed by Ishirō Honda (Kagemusha).

kong-vs-zillaThe battle starts a little early between the two when they confront each other in a giant field. Both of them do not know what to make of each other, but that doesn’t stop Kong from striking first as he attempts to hit Godzilla with a boulder that misses. Godzilla retaliates by hitting him with his fire that seems to stun and shock him to the point that he walks away from the battle. Godzilla certainly won round one of the fight as he boasted over it. The people tried to intervene in the problem by digging a giant hole for Godzilla to fall in and with that done, they would blow him up, but of course that backfires. After a while, Kong begins to frighten the public as he moves in on the city and a train that he decimates. He ends up grabbing Fumiko like he has done in the past with other women, but they can’t have that. They end up drugging him and moving him with balloons for a final showdown with Godzilla because Godzilla is a bigger problem for them.

kong-vs-zilla-2They end up cutting the wires and they drop Kong in to fight Godzilla. On the way down, he slides down the mountain and he knocks Godzilla on to his backside. At first, it’s as if Kong wants nothing to do with Godzilla because he hides behind a cliff of sorts. Then out of nowhere, Kong sees Godzilla’s tail and he decides to attack by grabbing the tail. After being hit off of his tail, Kong decides to throw big boulders at Godzilla and this only angers the giant lizard. Then they lock up in a collar & elbow tie up, but after seeing the plates on Godzilla’s back light up, Kong tries to get out of the way, but he still gets hit and that angers him. It angers him to the point that he shoulder tackles Godzilla and Godzilla falls on his backside. Kong is now on a roll as he has Godzilla reeling an unable to get up off of the ground. Then all of a sudden when he goes to throw a boulder at Godzilla, he trips and falls and hits his head against the mountain. That is when Godzilla begins to try and bury Kong with the rocks and he begins to use his tail to stomp on Kong’s stomach.

kong-vs-zilla-3Kong tries to psych himself up after being knocked down, but he gets a dropkick of sorts from Godzilla that sends him immediately down. This time it looks as if, Kong truly is done for as he is getting buried under boulders and Godzilla is stomping him with his tail again. Things do not look good for the Japanese public at this point in the match, but the weather will play a factor as lightning strikes wakes up Kong. Kong begins to bring it to Godzilla as he grabs him by the tail and he swings him and throws him to the ground. He then climbs on top of Godzilla he begins to smash away and then he tries to stuff a tree down Godzilla’s throat and even executes a nice hip toss. The two would just go at it for the rest of the fight throwing everything they had at each other. Towards the end of the fight, Kong would just spear Godzilla into the Pacific Ocean. That was the end of the fight as Kong emerged from the water we assume victorious after 10 minutes of battle.


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