I like to update you guys on just about everything that goes on here at Moshpits and Movies. For the fifth year in a row, we are observing the great holiday of Halloween by once again dedicating the whole month to the love of the holiday. Every post is going to be Halloween related which means there will be no Ass Whoopin Wednesdays until November and no Cheeseball Cinema until then as well. What returns is Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween which is a movie review of a horror film everyday for the whole month. The single of the week and the music video of the week posts will also be dedicated to that, but I am also going to be giving you one regular post as well since we are doing an award at the end of the year for those two categories. After the month is over, everything will go back to normal so I’ll will see all you Halloween fans in October.

As I said in an article last week, at the end of the year we are going to have The Monster Entertainment Awards once again. This time around, we will be adding categories like Single Of The Year and Music Video Of The Year. A good way to get on that list is to make a really kick ass video and High On Fire have definitely contributed to the metal side of the category with their video for The Black Pot. The band teamed up with Skinner and The Beautiful Jerk to create a kick ass Animated video that debuted on Adult Swim which just means that it’s awesome. Skinner talked about the video saying, “I wanted to make an animated short film with Hey Beautiful Jerk, I just didn’t know how completely crazy it would get. At first I thought we should do a real simple story with action fights to wear down the timing a little bit. But then I thought, f–k it, here’s a super complicated story with a million characters and it’s off the wall crazy and s–t. Wanna do it?” The team of Mark Szumski and Gina Niespodziani added to the conversation saying, “This has definitely been the most challenging and the most rewarding project in the history of Hey Beautiful Jerk. Creatively, we did not make many concessions and we really pushed ourselves to see how far we could take this thing. It worked.” The track is the latest from the band’s album Luminiferous to get the video treatment. Check out the video below:


This past week (September 12TH) Metal Hammer Magazine released a special CD to commemorate 30 years that the magazine has been around called Decades Of Destruction. The magazine acquired the likes of bands like The Devin Townsend Project, New Years Day, Asking Alexandria, Sabaton, Hacktivist, and today’s band that we are featuring Korn.  The band covers a Faith No More track, but not what you think they would (or maybe you would). The band covers the classic We Care A Lot track that featured original singer Chuck Mosley. Korn does an amazing job handling the music part while Jonathan Davis shines on vocals. The band pretty much makes the track their own by updating the sound of the track with that heavy bass slapping from Fieldy. You should definitely check this one out as well as the rest of the record which also features a killer cover of an Accept song by The Devin Townsend Project.

6309For this weeks Album Of The Week, I wanted to go back and cover a record from a band that I always thought were underrated and if they reunited, all holy hell will be unleashed. The band I am talking about is Skid Row of course and the album I am covering is their third studio album Subhuman Race. The album featured Sebastian Bach (Vocals), Dave “The Snake” Sabo (Guitar) Scotti Hill (Guitar), Rachel Bolan (Bass), and Rob Affuso (Drums). This was the last full length studio album Skid Row would ever record with both Sebastian Bach and Rob Affuso as the band would eventually break up. It was produced by Bob Rock (Motley Crue/Metallica) and even though it would go Gold, it wasn’t their best selling album at the time. The album even peaked at number 35 on The Billboard Top 200 charts as well as going five in Australia, six in Japan, and eight in the UK. After the release of the record the band had been criticized for every little change they made in their sound. In an interview with Circus Magazine in 1995 Bach said, “Heavy metal and hard rock have always beaten up. When I was selling four million copies of a record in ‘88-‘89, all I heard was, ‘Hey, pretty boy, blah blah,’ so that was no good. Then when Slave to the Grind debuted at No. 1, ‘Oh, that’s too heavy,’ so that was no good. It’s always something. I think hard rock stands the test of time more than any other genre.” Rachel remembers the time period a little differently and all the differences within the band saying in an interview with Metal Exiles, “That record was a nightmare. Internally the band had fallen apart, but we were forced to go in and do another record.”

mi00000704671. My Enemy– A track with a killer groove that reminds me a little of Vulgar era Pantera in a track about people hating, but you don’t care enough to let it bother you. 5/5

2. Firesign– Another in your face track with a cool bass riff that drives the song from Bolan are key in this track about having a fire inside you that drives you through no matter what life brings. 4/5

3. Bonehead– The track has a punk feel to it courtesy of Bolan I can imagine, but it’s a hard charger. The lyrics could be about TV evangelists that were popping up every where back in the 90’s. 4/5

4. Beat Yourself Blind– A big and thick bass riff opens up this sledgehammering track that Bach has said it’s one of his favs live. 4.5/5

5. Eileen– a very eerie mid-tempo track whose lyrics seem to be speaking about someone who can see the dead (I hate to be cliche with that, but take a better guess). 4/5

6. Remains to be Seen– A cool drum riff opens this track that showed the kind of promise these guys had for the heavy metal scene. 4.5/5

5deb5bd32936ae91564e638e11ff8242_full7. Subhuman Race– The title track is the band diving head first into the metal genre with all guns a blazing double bass beats and all. 4/5

8. Frozen– An Alice In Chains sounding like track with a very heavy bass riff before it bounces back and forth with a melodic riff. 5/5

9. Into Another– One of my favorite tracks on this record, a power ballad that showcases the amazing voice of Sebastian Bach. 5/5

10. Face Against My Soul– Another cool drum beat opens the track before we get the chugging guitar and bass riffs from the band in a track that seems to be about a guy trying to convince a woman to let him in. 4/5

11. Medicine Jar–  An awesome sledgehammering metal riff from the band that will definitely have you headbanging in a track about drug use. 4/5

12. Breakin’ Down– A very melodic track about Sebastian wanting a girl to let him in because he feels he can protect her. 4/5

13. Iron Will– What a way to close out the album with the bass heavy, groove laden metal track that is absolutely slammin. The bass riff during the verses is so thick sounding it’s awesome. It’s why I love Rachel Bolan’s playing. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– This may not be Rachel Bolan’s favorite Skid Row record, but I really enjoy this more than any album that has come out after this. Slave To The Grind is still number one in my book, but this has some kick ass tracks. It was Skid Row continuing to move in the right direction. Unfortunately as history will have it, we will never know what else they could have done with at least Sebastian Bach. I am going to give the album four stars out of five for a final grade.


At the end of the year when we do the Monster Entertainment Awards, we are going to have for the first time categories for Music Video Of The Year and more. If you want to make sure that you get consideration for it, then all you have to do is exactly what Red Fang did. You make a killer video for a killer track and that is how you get on that list. The band recently teamed up with Funny Or Die to release their new video for the track Shadows which is off of the band’s upcoming album Only Ghosts which comes out October 14TH via Relapse Records. The video sees a couple of guys in their car looking at a comic book that is very prestigious to one of them. Then out of nowhere, the guys in Red Fang take there van and they bump into them causing a cola to drop all over the comic book. Then in a Predator-style video, the guy goes to get revenge on the band. The band teamed up with Whitey McConnaughy once again as he directed the video and singer/guitarist Bryan Giles talks about the experience saying, “It was a crazy adventure through the woods in rural Oregon. It has stunt men, real firepower and some great explosions! We had a blast on this one.” Check out the video below:

Look for Red Fang on the road as well:

9/22 — Portland, Ore. — Northwest Hesh Fest
9/26 — Brighton, UK — Concorde 2
9/27 — London, UK — Koko
9/28 — Bristol, UK — Bierkeller
9/29 — Leeds, UK — Stylus
9/30 — Manchester, UK — Manchester Academy 2
10/2 — Birmingham, UK — Institute2
10/3 — Glasgow, UK — Garage
10/4 — Newcastle, UK — Riverside
10/5 — Southampton, UK — Engine Rooms
10/7 — Athens, Greece — Desert Fest
10/9 — Paris, France — Trabendo
10/10 — Munich, Germany — Strom
10/11 — Vienna, Austria — Szene Wien
10/12 — Berlin, Germany — Huxleys
10/13 — Cologne, Germany — Essigfabrik
10/14 — Antwerp, Belgium — Desert Fest
10/15 — Leipzig, Germany — Conne Island
10/16 — Hamburg, Germany — Markethalle
10/18 — Odense, Denmark — Posten
10/19 — Oslo, Norway — John Dee
10/20 — Stockholm, Sweden — Debaser Medis
10/21 — Malmo, Sweden — KB
10/22 — Munster, Germany — Skater’s Place
10/23 — Karlsruhe, Germany — Substage
10/24 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — Melkweg (OZ)
11/18 — San Francisco, Calif. — Slim’s
11/19 — Pomona, Calif. — Glasshouse
11/20 — Los Angeles, Calif. — Teragram Ballroom
11/22 — San Diego, Calif. — Casbah
11/23 — Phoenix, Ariz. — Rebel Lounge
11/25 — Austin, Texas — Mohawk
11/26 — Dallas, Texas — Three Links
11/27 — Houston, Texas — Warehouse Studio
11/29 — Atlanta, Ga. — Masquerade (Hell)
11/30 — Durham, N.C. — Motorco
12/1 — Washington, D.C. — Rock and Roll Hotel
12/2 — Philadelphia, Pa. — Underground Arts
12/3 — Brooklyn, N.Y. — Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/4 — Boston, Mass. — The Sinclair
12/5 — New York, N.Y. — Mercury Lounge
12/7 — Pittsburgh, Pa. — Spirit Lounge
12/8 — Cleveland, Ohio — Beachland Ballroom
12/9 — Detroit, Mich. — El Club
12/10 — Chicago, Ill. — Metro
12/11 — Bloomington, Ill. — Castle Theater
12/13 — Denver, Colo. — Bluebird Theater
12/14 — Salt Lake City, Utah — Urban Lounge
12/15 — Boise, Idaho — Neurolux
12/16 — Seattle, Wash. — Showbox

As always, we are giving you two singles of the week with one from the metal side and the other on the rock side. We have already covered Alter Bridge as far as the music video of the week when the band released their video for Show Me A Leader, but now they have a new single for you to hear from their upcoming album The Last Hero (out October 7TH via Caroline Records). The track is called My Champion and it’s one of those tracks that I could easily see being a theme for a WWE Pay Per View or any sport in the US entering the playoffs of their season (with lyrics like Sometimes you fall before you rise / Sometimes you lose it all to find / You’ve gotta keep fighting and get back up again / My champion). It’s a high energy rocker that is sure to please any fan of Alter Bridge and it features more brilliant singing from Myles Kennedy. Check out the track below and be on the look out for the band on the road here.

One of my favorite bands to emerge in this decade has definitely got to be Swedish metalers Ghost. Ever since their first release Opus Eponymous, I have had my ear glues to the stereo whenever the band releases new material. After three albums, one EP, and a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal album for Meliora the band is back with a new EP called Popestar which will hopefully hold you over until the next album. The band has also unleashed a single from the album called Square Hammer which has an infectious keyboard riff that goes along with the band’s blazing guitar sound. A Nameless Ghoul talked about the track saying, “We’re very proud of it. We’re obviously thrilled to be able to play something new. This is a short, to-the-point little gem right at the jugular.” The song is so infectious that it has a very pop feel to the track, but The Nameless Ghoul tells us not to worry. He tells No Brown M&M’s, “If you hear the EP, don’t think that, ‘Oh, the next album is gonna sound exactly like this,’ but that is a good way for us to sneak in elements that are, like, you might hear a synth sound like this on the next record, but not as evident…we’re doing something else in order to get people to feel comfortable with [the direction of the next album].” Don’t mind the video below, but it’s the only version I can get you guys right now (the videos keep disappearing online, an official link to the track). Check out the album artwork below plus the track listing for Popestar:

Popestar Track Listing:

1. Square Hammer

2. Nocturnal Me

3. I Believe

4. Missionary Me

5. Bible