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2017-headerFrom day one, I stated that this tournament has always been about the fans voting for their favorite bands and that without the help of the bands sharing the posts there would be no tournament. With that being said, I wanted to say congratulations to Queensrÿche and their fanbase on being the 2017 Pedal To The Metal Champions. They brought the title back to the Dio division where it had been twice before and they are also the first band to defeat a Chuck Schuldiner division band who dominated the last two years. I was going to initiate the mercy rule after about two days of voting, but the truth is that I didn’t have internet access for three days so I let it keep going. The cool fact about it is that the band won by the highest margin ever in the tournament’s history. The band won the tournament by a whopping 1,553 votes which shatters the previous margin which was 285 votes. So, if you are a Queensrÿche fan then you deserve a pat on the back for not listening to the haters and showing your allegiance because this is what the tournament is all about. I want to also take the time to thank Queensrÿche and any of the other bands that shared the links because again without you this tournament would not be possible. I am not 100% sure if the tournament is going to come back next year, but if it does then Queensrÿche fans, it’s time to take hold of the flame and build an Empire by voting them to the finals again. We’ll see you all next year and show some love by liking my Facebook page here.

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I like to update you guys on just about everything that goes on here at Moshpits and Movies. For the fifth year in a row, we are observing the great holiday of Halloween by once again dedicating the whole month to the love of the holiday. Every post is going to be Halloween related which means there will be no Ass Whoopin Wednesdays until November and no Cheeseball Cinema until then as well. What returns is Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween which is a movie review of a horror film everyday for the whole month. The single of the week and the music video of the week posts will also be dedicated to that, but I am also going to be giving you one regular post as well since we are doing an award at the end of the year for those two categories. After the month is over, everything will go back to normal so I’ll will see all you Halloween fans in October.

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So, I don’t know if you have noticed, but there have been some changes to the blog lately. Besides trying to keep up with my 365 movies in 365 days challenge (click here to see that), I have added a new blog piece and have neglected some over some time now. The new blog piece I added is Mashup Of The Week which is basically a piece that I use to do on my old blog because I love mashups. Now, I have neglected a couple of different pieces like Ass Whoopin Wednesday and Tuesday Stand Up. Tuesday Stand Up I stopped doing only because of the challenge and the time that that blog consumes. It was becoming too much to try and do both, but I am aiming for that piece to return by late May. Patton Oswalt just came out with a new special and Iliza Shlesinger has one coming out soon so I want to cover those. Ass Whoopin Wednesday stopped because of certain movie opportunities that have come up. So, I am planning to have that return by the beginning of May because there are some cool action flicks I want to watch that have become available. We also just restarted Cheeseball Cinema a couple of weeks ago and we look forward to continuing doing that as well. That is basically the skinny on that and if there are anymore updates, I will be sure to let you guys know soon.

Last year I posted an article about one of my biggest celebrity crushes besides Danielle Fishel and of course I am talking about Maitland Ward. Last year, she posted some amazing pictures of herself in the holiday spirit with some amazing attire. Well, she’s up to it once more as she once again gets in the holiday spirit with some nice pics. She took to her Snapchat account (maitlandward if you want to follow her) and she posted those amazing pics that I have provided for you today. So, check them out and enjoy!!!

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We here at Moshpits And Movies are huge fans of the beautiful Maitland Ward who at one time was Rachel on one of our favorite shows in Boy Meets World. Now Maitland is tearing up the scene whether it be with her amazing costumes for Cosplay or on social media like Snapchat. This time she gets in the fall/October spirit with some retty cool pics that we have right now for you guys below. With one of her getups that you’ll see below, if there was a contest for Miss Fall, she would definitely get it in my book. So, follow her on snapchat (maitlandward) and check out the pics below:

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coming soonSo, I wanted to take the time to update you guys on what is going in in the month of October. Some of you who follow the blog may already now, but for those who don’t here is the skinny. In the month of October, we take the whole month to celebrate the great holiday of Halloween. That means almost every single post we do is Halloween or Octoberish related in some way shape or form. The single of the week, cover, album, and Soundtrack Saturdays all get in the spirit of things. The only downside to all of this is that Cheeseball Cinema and Ass Whoopin Wednesdays all get halted for the whole entire month unless they are going to be Horror related. Never fear cause they will return in November and it’ll be business as usual. One thing that I am going to try and bring back for October as well is Eddie’s Top 5 as we’ll explore more of my top 5 favorite things like pumpkin beers for example. I am really looking forward to the month of October and all it brings because it’s the most fun that I have with this blog. So stay tuned and check in on October 1ST for all of the fun that October brings.

wesIf you are a true fan of horror films, then you were saddened by the news of the passing of legendary horror director Wes Craven last night. To see the announcement last night was such a shock because it felt like it came out of nowhere. Wes Craven passed away at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 76 on Sunday after a three year battle with brain cancer. Wes Craven was known for such horror classics as A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Last House On The Left, Scream, The People Under The Stairs, The Serpent And The Rainbow, The Hills Have Eyes, Shocker, as well as directing films in other genres like Red Eye, Music Of The Heart (which earned Meryl Streep an Oscar), Paris, je t’aime, and so many more. He redefined the teen horror genre in the 80’s with Nightmare and did it once again with the Scream films in the 90’s. It is also known that he had a real knack for discovering some of the great talents of Hollywood like Johnny Depp (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Sharon Stone (Deadly Blessing), and Bruce Willis (in an 1980’s version of The Twilight Zone) to name a few of the many he has worked with in his whole career.

scream-1996-tou033011-620x400I remember the first time I was introduced to Wes Craven and it was through A Nightmare On Elm Street as Freddy Krueger scared the living daylights out of me to the point that I never wanted to fall asleep. I was spooked even more at night as tree branches used to scratch my windows, but in my head I thought it was Freddy. One of my other favorite films from him was The People Under The Stairs and how chaotic and psychotic that film was from beginning to end. It was thanks to that film that I was scared of basement steps because you never knew what was under them. The other fascinating thing about Wes was the fact that he was able to jump out of the horror genre and be successful at it was a true testament to Wes being one of the all time greats. The influence that he had on me and the slasher genre will forever live on and I thank Wes Craven for that and all the wonderful memories he provided me with his films. Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween will surely miss having the opportunity to review any future films he may have had, but at least we have so many to choose from his past. I want to send my condolences to all his friends and family over the loss of Wes Craven. R.I.P. Wes Craven (8/2/1939- 8/30/2015)