Blondie_-_Call_Me_(GER)Blondie was a band that I loved because I used to think that Debbie Harry was not only beautiful, but she was talented too. In February of 1980, Blondie would release what would ultimately become one of their hugest hits in the band’s career with the track Call Me. Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac was asked by Giorgio Moroder to record a song for the American Gigolo Soundtrack, but Stevie was forced to say no due to a contract stipulation. So, Moroder handed Harry the music and in a few hours she wrote the song for the film which starred Richard Gere as a Gigolo named Julian who is conceded and suspected of a murder to a crime he never committed. The song was so popular that it ended up going number one for six consecutive weeks and it finished number one on the year end Billboard chart. “When I was writing it, I pictured the opening scene, driving on the coast of California”, that is what Debbie Harry had to say about the track which she told reporters was about driving. The track is truly amazing and Harry just oozes sexuality through her vocals on the track and it’s amazing. The album version of the song is eight minutes long and is the version I provided below so check it out.



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