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demon windSometimes I treat my films like I treat heavy metal records. I simply sometimes choose a film to watch based on the movie poster or DVD cover and that is what I have done with some albums and that is what I did with today’s film. Today’s film Demon Wind is another film that I picked up courtesy of Vinegar Syndrome at the previous weekend’s Rock and Shock Convention. Cory (Eric Larson) has never really known where he was from or who his dad really was. After a weird chance meeting with his father, he decides to go back to the family land where his grandparents once lived. Along with his friends, Cory will discover and unlock the truth behind what happened so many years ago to his family and the land they lived on. The film also stars Francine Lapensée (Hollywood’s New Blood) as Elaine, Rufus Norris (Broken) as Harcourt, Jack Vogel (Presumed Guilty) as Stacy, Stephen Quadros (Cradle 2 The Grave) as Chuck, Mark David Fritsche (Somewhere In Time) as Jack, Sherry Leigh (Sid and Nancy) as Bonnie, Bobby Johnston (Loveblind) as Dell, Lynn Clark (My Fellow Americans) as Terri, Richard Gabai (The Wasp Woman) as Willy, Mia M. Ruiz (Witchcraft II: The Temptress) as Reena, and the film was directed by Charles Philip Moore (Angel Of Destruction). 

demon wind 2'I actually really liked this film, but I did have some issues with it in general and one of them was the corny dialogue. I loved the story and what the film was about, but there were just too many instances of awkward dialogue. It was either that the writer didn’t know how people communicate or the cast just made the dialogue real cheesy. They had this big jock who every time his girlfriend said something, he made sure to tell people that that was the reason that he kept her around. I wanted to go through the screen to tell the guy that no one gave a sh**. Now some of the things I liked is the way the townspeople looked or the friends looked when they were bitten or possessed by the demons that plagued the land. They acted like zombies, but they had the sense of humor that reminded me of The Evil Dead. Some of the kills were cheesy, but overall some of them actually were pretty cool. The one issue I had was what the hell does Cory turn in to when he battles the head demon at the end? He looked like an alien from Alien Nation with the ears of a demon. That part just made no sense to me because he wasn’t possessed at all by the demons. I thought overall that it was actually a pretty fun film to watch, I definitely enjoyed it. That is why I am going to give it a grade somewhere between an C+ and a B-. It’s somewhere in that grade range.

demon wind


ministry_psalm691I am always looking for different albums to do on the blog and we are inching our way closer to 200 albums reviewed. In fact this is album #199 for us here at Moshpits and Movies and we found a band that I have always respected for changing the scene completely and blasting in with the industrial wave. I am talking about Ministry which was made up of Al Jourgensen (Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Production), Paul Barker (Bass and Programming), William Rieflin (Drums), Mike Scaccia (Guitar), Louis Svitek (Guitar), and Michael Balch (Keys and Programming). The album I am overing by the band is their fifth studio album Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed and The Way To Suck Eggs or as it is known by it’s technical name ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ. The album marks their first release with guitarist Mike Scaccia and it’s also the album that lead the band to a more mainstream push as MTV had finally noticed the band. You’re probably wondering how the band came up with the title. Well, the title is a direct link to a chapter in one of Aleister Crowley’s books The Book Of Lies where says that exact line which is reference to the sexual act. The album was pretty successful for the band as it peaked at number 27 on The Billboard Top 200 and it went number one on the Top Heetseekers Chart as well as it went platinum by 1995.

ministry-psalm_69-trasera1. N.W.O.– The Grammy nominated track kicks off the album and it kicks off just right with that double bass action and the sledgehammer guitar riffs with samples from Apocalypse Now and George H.W. Bush. The track was a protest track against then President Bush. 5/5

2. Just One Fix– An interesting track that is said that Rammstein borrowed or used the riff for their popular hit Du Hast because they do sound similar. The track uses samples from Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II as well as The Trip, Sid and Nancy, and The Man With The Golden Arm. 5/5

3. TV II– The fastest Ministry song I have heard that is great commentary on the pollution that is seen on TV. 4.5/5

4. Hero– An anti-war track that uses clips from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero cartoon, but it’s quite an amazing and cynical look at war plus the riff is bad ass. 4.5/5

5. Jesus Built My Hotrod– One of the more famous Ministry songs that features Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes. Al recounts the time sayng, “Gibby came down completely drunk off his ass to the studio we’re at in Chicago. He couldn’t even sit on a stool, let alone sing. I mean, he was wasted. He fell off the stool about ten times during the recording of that vocal. He made no sense and it was just gibberish. So I spent two weeks editing tape of what he did.” 5/5

ministry-psalm_69-cd6. Scarecrow– an interesting track that kind of takes a different look at Jesus sort of like ironic commentary on that situation. 4/5

7. Psalm 69– an epic track that could be best described as the theme song for hell if hell had one. The lyrics are pretty intense when it comes to this song (look them up). The track contains samples from Altered States, The Pit And The Pendelum, and Suspiria. 5/5

8. Corrosion– an instrumental track that features samples from The Abyss. 4/5

9. Grace– Another instrumental that ends the album, but this one is pretty epic and sounds like the world is coming to an end at times. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is one of three albums that I love from Ministry that I think are bad ass and very influential. The whole Nu-Metal scene owes a debt of gratitude to the band especially those with an industrial sound. This is a great album that anyone should check out. I am going to give the album 4.7 stars out of five for a final grade.